Information Security Association of Jyväskylä



LOCATION: Lea Pulkkisen sali (follow the indicators), Agora building of University of Jyvaskyla (Mattilanniemi 2)
AGENDA: First ever JySec meetup!
NOTES: The event bears no cost for participation. The event is a "bring your own..." (e.g., laptop, devices, food) type of event and is alcohol-free.
SPONSORS: University of Jyvaskyla and Second Nature Security


15:30 Intro
15:45 Intro to System Security, Focus Areas and Call to Actions
16:15 Device Hacking 101
17:15 Break
17:30 Web Hacking 101
18:30 EOF - Disconnect JySec to Connect BeerSec @ SOHWI


What is JySec?

JySec gathers people together that are interested in Information Security in the Central Finland. The purpose is to organise meetups and get-togethers to learn, connect, discuss and have fun in the field of InfoSec. JySec is part of CitySec.


Interested in sponsoring our meetups?
You can contact us via email or Twitter.
If you want to join our Slack-channel, please ping us via Twitter to get an invitation.